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QLTS            English Language Requirement
English Language Requirement
What is English Language Criteria ?
QLTS exam is also a way to assess your langauge skills in English. SRA also expects that you should be able to read, write and advice your clients properly in English. And should have proper command to present yourself in an English Court. 
          Therefore, a recognised English Language level is placed to assess your langauge requirements in English which is ;
     ''Common European Framework for Reference (CEFR) Level C2 in English''
This is the European Council  level of English which is incorportaed in the test. Its test prepration is successfuly run by the BCPS English Language School, please see here.
Do I have to satisfy English Language Requirement ?
You would need to satisfy the English Language Requirement, if next to your Jurisdiction it is stated 'yes'. See the Jurisdiction Chart with English Language Requiremnet here. If next to your Jurisdiction it is stated 'N/A (such as EU Lawyers) than you do not need to satisfy the requirement. Even if next to your jurisdiction it is written 'Option 3' than you do not need to satisfy the English Language requirement.  'Option 3' means the countries where law degrees are taught in English Language such as USA, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, England, Scotland, Nothern Ireland etc, see the Jurisdiction Chart here.  
All EEA and Swiss candidates are exempt from the English language Requirement due to EU legislation (European Directives 2005/36/EC or 98/5/EC).



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How to Satisfy the English Language Requiremnet
You can fulfill your English Langauge Requirement in one of the following option ;
1 Option ; Pass English Language Test provided by BCPS English Lanuage School                 at the CEFR Level 2, please visit here to book the course and test. This will                    satisfy your English Language requirement.
2 Option ; Hold a Degree taught in English and assessed by UK NARIC and is          
               equivelant to UK Higher Education Degree such a Bechelors Degree. This will
               may exempt you.
3 Option ; Hold a Higher Education Degree from a recognised University where NARIC
                has stated that the higher education is conducted in English Language in
                the country where education/degree is gained.
4 Option ; Hold a Higher Education Degree from a a UK recongnised University, such
                 as LLB or LLM from a UK University.
Recognised Jurisdiction List and English Language
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