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Work Placements and Career Services
We at BCPS are aimed at making professional education for professional achievements and Work Placements are our main focus in our daily study schedule. We have team of professionals who are linked with high target market players and employers. Our Work Placement and Career services are divided into three units ; Students Career Counseling Unit - Student Work Placement Unit - Employers Unit.
If you have completed your qualification or near completion, please fill the Inquiry form here.
Student Work Placement/Learn With Work (LWW)
Selected Courses at BCPS will allow you to complete all the education through Learn With Work Programme, and in all other Courses students are provided with opportunity of work placements to enhance their chances of securing a Job with reputed employer by incorporating desirable experience in their CV. You can counsel with a member of staff here.
Career Counseling
Once you booked, a member of the team will draw a map for your work placements route and identify the goals you need to achieve. And a professional written CV will be drawn.
Your CV will then be sent, as per your circumstances to different employers, which are on BCPS panel, and as well on our panel recruiters. Once you received the interview/offer letter, our team will prepare you for the interview in different sessions.
Career Services Employers
If you are an Employer and would like to be part of our panel of employers please contact below.



Inquiries ;

0044 (0) 208-1331422

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