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Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme (QLTS)
What is QLTS ?  ;   Route to Become English Solicitor
Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme (QLTS) is the shortest route for UK Lawyers (Barristers in England and Wales, Scottish Advocates/Solicitors), Northern Irish Advocates/Solicitors), EU Lawyers and the International Lawyers (USA Attorneys, Indian Advocates, Pakistani Advocates, see full list here) to qualify as English Solicitor. The Test is organised by Kaplan and is authorised by Solicitors Regulation Authority. The test comprised of two exams i.e MCT and OSCE, which examine the foundational knowledge of English Law (Common Law) through scenario multiple choice questions, practical skills and through clinical exams. QLTS is designed as a computer based test, therefore, online study is the only best method to prepare yourself for the exams from anywhere in the world.
How We Teach QLTS
QLTS Exam Overview
QLTS is comprised of two exams MCT (Multiple Choice Questions) and OSCE (Objective Structure Clinical Exam). To sit the Examination you would need to Comply with Fit To Sit Policy. You will take MCT exam first and on its successful completion will proceed to the exam of OSCE. 
      MCT  exam is primarily based on Multiple Choice Questions. The syllabus of MCT is derived from the fundamental areas of law of England and Wales. Which normally are studied while gaining a Law degree during the 7 years period of learning in becoming a Solicitor. It is important to mention here that a mere reading of Books will not fully equipped you for the MCT Exam, you would necessarily need a Teacher Supervision to understand the fundamental concept of the British Law and to successfully apply it in a scenario question. MCT syllabus comprised of 11 Units which includes Contract, Criminal Law, Tort, Knowledge of English Legal System, Property Law, Equity, Human Rights, Business Law, Constitutional Law and SRA Accounts Rules. You can see the full 11 Units Syllabus here. MCT exam will be comprised of 180 Questions which you will be attempting in two parts in 1 day, each part is divided into morning and evening sessions of 3 hours each. You will attempt 90 Questions in Morning and 90 Questions in Evening, with a break in between, for full exam format click here. BCPS QLTS Course is fully equipped to train you on full syllabus, with MCT practice of over 3,000 Questions with unlimited Mock Exam, and we exclusively offer One to One Lectures/Feedback on full MCT Syllabus. See MCT Cost and Comparison.

      OSCE is the second part of the QLTS Exam, this exam has further 2 parts. You can only take this test if you have passed the MCT. In the first part of OSCE Exam you will be examined for Client Interview and Advocacy. In the second part of the exam you will be tested for skills in Writing, Legal Research and legal drafting. The OSCE exam is spread over several days. The OSCE Syllabus is comprised of Business Law, Litigation (Criminal and Civil) and Property Law (Conveyancing, Wills and Probate), for full syllabus content please click here. OSCE is an exam held on online computer practical skills, which can only be best taught online. BCPS OSCE course is designed to train you on online Legal Research for which free membership is given for Lexis and Westlaw (online legal research websites, on which the Kaplan will test you). We provide full Tutor supervision on Legal Writing, Legal Research and Legal Drafting, see sample OSCE practice web pages. For Client Interview and Advocacy your tutor will train you via Virtual Class room and give you feedback and performance points. Your tutor will cover full OSCE Syllabus. See OSCE Cost and Comparison.


     There is no restriction on the number of assessment attempts you may take at either the MCT or OSCE, nor a time limit for completing the two assessments within a certain time period. There is no requirement of training contract or experience after exam.


On the Successful completion of MCT and OSCE you can enroll with Solicitor Regulation Authority as a Solicitor to Practice in England and Wales.

 How We Teach QLTS
With us you will study the QLTS Course (Both Basic and Advance Course) in real time with live lectures. This includes ;
Live Lecture on Full MCT Syllabus. With Systematic Notes Web Pages, See.
One To One Tutor Supervision.
Lecture Notes with Key Points and Specific MCT Topic Practice, See.
MCT All 11 Units Protocols to attempt the Questions.
MCT Questions Practice online on more than 3,000 Questions, which covers each topic of the MCT Syllabus.
Unlimited Mock Exam till the Exam Day.
You will select your own available time for the Lectures.
Live Feedback on each attempt of the MCT Practice.
Work Based Learning through Right Legal Advice, See details here.
The Only Difference in Basic and Advance Course (MCT) is of Tutor Supervision. In Basic Course You will get Full Tutor Supervision on Feedback, and in Advance Course you will get unlimited Tutor Supervision with Each Topic Lecture, Live Feedback on Each MCT Topic Practice and Support till the exam day.
Live Lecture on Full OSCE Syllabus.
One to One Tutor Supervision.
Tutor will guide you on Client Interview and Advocacy. With marking of your Presentation on Virtual class rooms which includes your live video images.
Tutor will train you on Legal Research, Legal Writings and Drafting. And will mark your attempts with live Feedback.
Free Access to Lexis and Westlaw.
OSCE Questions Practice online on each topic of the OSCE Syllabus.
You will select your own time for the Lectures.
Work Based Learning through Right Legal Advice, see details here.
As You enrolled on the Course -
1. You will be invited to provide your available time for the Lectures (In Full QLTS Courses Only)
2. Once Your Lectures are scheduled you will be sent in your e-mail your account login and password. In your account you will find an easy way to view all your Units and Syllabus Content. In MCT you will find all the 11 Units links Icons in one page, see on left or click here. Every Unit has its own page comprising of Lecture notes and Practices in front of each topic. View the Sample Page here. Further, Mock Exam Practice is also linked in the same page for your convenience. BCPS Lecture notes are carefully drafted with case law and statute references which key points at the end and a web link to access the MCT or OSCE Practice for the specific Topic. You will also be provided for each area of law Protocols, this will help you to solve your Question with a formula. See the Sample Documents below on left or click here.
3. Your Tutor will deliver the Lecture on Virtual Class room or on Skype as convenient to you. In lecture your tutor will discuss all the important points. After the lecture on your convenience you will log in to the web page of MCT or OSCE Practice and attempt the Questions. In the Next Lecture Your Tutor will give you Feedback and advise for corrections.
4. For OSCE Client Interview and Advocacy, Your Tutor will do the Moot with You or You will present your Case. This will be via Skype or Virtual Class room via Video Chat. 
5. Once Your Syllabus is complete you will be doing Mock Exams, which are unlimited in number. Here Your Tutor will again help you and give you Live Feedback.
6. To give QLTS students a practical experience of English law, you will be given opportunity to work with real British Law queries with Right Legal Advice (, where you will learn advice, legal writing, legal research, legal drafting etc.
Our Sucess Rate
The student who have studied BCPS QLTS Course in 2017 had 90% pass rate.  90% of our students who have sat the QLTS examination passed the test in first attempt. 5 % passed in 2nd attempt. Remaining 5% did not attempted the test due to family or professional reasons. Consequently, we are proud to write that no BCPS student have failed in MCT exam.

Year 2018 BCPS Students Pass Rate in MCT Examination

90 %

5 %

5 %

0 %


Pass in

2nd Attempt

Yet to



Costs and Comparison
BCPS QLTS course is 45% cheaper than other providers. The cost we charge includes the live lecturing in real time which is not offered anywhere. As per the experts opinion ; ''the BCPS QLTS Course is worth of 6,000 GBP due to the live teaching mechanism on full syllabus''


MCT Course



OSCE Course


        Full    :  850 £

        Basic :  450 £



  • Live Online Lecture on Full MCT Syllabus

  • Notes/Books on 11 Units with Key points

  • MCT Practice on Each Topic of MCT Syllabus

  • 20 Mock Exams

  • Live Feed Back

  • Protocols



  • Live Online Lecture on Full OSCE Syllabus

  • Full OSCE Syllabus Questions Training Practice.

  • One to One Tutor Supervision for Client Interview, Advocacy, Legal Research, Legal Writings and Drafting.

  • Free Access to Lexis and Westlaw

  • Unlimited Mock Exams

  • Live Feed Back

  • Protocols

  • Work Based Learning Opportunity

1250 £

Other Providers MCT Course with only few lecture ; 2500 £



Basic MCT Notes and Practice Course (not on full Syllabus) costs in other providers is 1500 £



OSCE Course with other providers without Lexis and Westlaw access and full Tutor Support ; 3000 £

Other Providers

Is QLTS Course for me ?
If you are looking to qualify as English Solicitor and are currently lawyer in USA, EU, UK, Asia, Australia (see full list of Jurisdiction here), than QLTS is the exam for you. The QLTS exam will help you to qualify as English Solicitor through a short route. BCPS QLTS Course is designed for lawyers/students who are looking to gain full command over English law without leaving their full time Job. BCPS QLTS Course is fully taught online with live sessions and online exam practice.


On Campus BCPS QLTS Course
BCPS is offering QLTS in Campus Course, where you will be provided with World Class QLTS Training under 5 highly UK Qualified Professors in our BCPS Mayfair London Premium Campus in Berkeley Square. If you would like to attend the QLTS Course on Campus please contact below.
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Inquiries ;

0044 (0) 208-1449917 

Book Free Live Student Counseling


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