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World's First College Delivering Live Lectures Online (In Real Time Live with Teachers in Virtual Class Rooms) and on Campus in London. Providing own Study Material and Opportunity for Work Placements.

Welcome to BCPS



         BCPS is the only fully equipped online tuition college offering online tuition on recognised Degree Programmes from Recognised Awarding Bodies. Studying online has been proved to be more effective and result oriented. More than 5,000 students have obtained their qualifications through BCPS.


Learning online is a great experience, where cost and time can be saved. You can study at your own time in Live Lectures and from anywhere in the world. Our Students learn through interactive notes and test their knowledge on scenario questions all online in real time.

Qualifications And Degrees

BCPS Law School

BCPS Business & Finance School 

Hotel Management & Tourism

BCPS Computing Systems and

Information Technology School

ACCA - Accountancy/Taxation

BCPS School of Fashion Design

GCSE (O - A Levels)

Research and PhD by Publication 

How to Study Online




(Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme) 



Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme (QLTS) is a speacialised way of examination for lawyers from Recognised Jurisdiction to qualify as Solicitor in England and Wales. The Student has to take two different examination namely MCT, OSCE which are clinical exam and needs proper training and education.


We fully observe the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) guidance for the live teaching hours requirements. To read more about QLTS and our Training Programme please click here.  

How We Teach QLTS

We take QLTS as a complete Course that’s why we teach student in real time Live Online. Every Student is awarded a Highly Qualified Law Tutor who works with student on Law Tuitions


MCT : Live One to One Online Tuitions on Full SRA Syllabus + 4000 MCT Question Practice on Interactive Web Pages + 10 Mock Exams extra of Continuous Practice (our student have 3 lectures in a week and every lecture follows a MCT Practice)


OSCE : Live One to One Online Tuitions + Continuous Practice for Advice Writing, Legal Writing and Legal Drafting on our Interactive Web Pages + Continuous Practice for Oral Presentation + Free Membership for Nexis Lexis and West Law + 10 Mock Exams + Continuous Practice for Online Legal Research, Legal Writing, Legal Drafting on our Interactive Web Pages.


Programmes ;




40% Cheaper From other Providers - Free Lexis Nexis and West Law Membership for OSCE/TLST

Short Route to Become UK Solicitor

BTEC poppular cources Edexce ;  Law + Business + Fashion + others

Univeristies ; Law + Business

IT ; Society

ACCA ; see if necessary

Tourism association

youtube sign for link




HNC (Higher National Certificate) and HND (Higher National Diploma) is for those students who are looking to get foundational grounds in law, before enrolling into a professional law degree or joining a legal career.


HNC duration is for one year and provides a certificate accredited by Edexcel. HND duration is of two years, which includes year one as HNC i.e if you have completed the HNC you can move onto HND, which is another year of study. HND is also accredited by Edexcel.


This is an excellent career path in Law, in which you can work while learn. Successful completion of HNC and HND allows you to work as Paralegal or/and start LLB to qualify as Solicitor or Barrister, and can also become Legal Executive.


BCPS provides its all HNC & HND students Work Placements through our Learn With Work (LBW) Programme, that means you will be working as paralegal in a Law Firm while continuing the study.

How To Study Online

How we Teach HNC and HND Law


You will be provided with Live online Lectures on full syllabus in real time, Notes with Key points will also be provided with opportunity of scenario questions practice online to develop your skills for practical training, see how students study with us. Successful completion of this course guarantee you a work placement though BCPS LWW (Learn With Work) Scheme and admission in our LLB Programme.



HNC & HND Course ContentsIn HNC (Higher National Certificate) you will study Contract Law, Criminal Law, English Legal System, Public Law, Employment Law etc.. read more. And in HND you will study EU Law, Law of Torts, Land Law, Law of Trusts more


HNC & HND Duration ; HNC (Higher National Certificate) duration is one year. After completing the one year, you can progress to HND (Higher National Diploma), LLB or can join Law Practice as Legal Executive/Paralegal more.


HNC & HND Career Path ;  Successful completion of HNC Law allows you to take direct entry into University. This is a Level 5 Qualification on National Qualification Framework and count as 240 credits. You can get admission in our LLB programme, start law practice as Legal Executive, Paralegal, Legal Advisor, Probation officer. Full Career Counseling is provided by BCPS and guaranteed work placements are facilitated to successful candidates in our LWW (Learn With Work) Scheme.

BCPS Law School

Qualifying Law Degree (LLB 2+ Years)




You can successfully complete a Qualifying Law Degree (LLB) with BCPS by all studying online, see how we teach online


The admission is granted on base of your previous education which should be GCSE/HNC/HND. You will be studying towards 7 Law subjects which makes a Qualifying Law Degree and successful completion of this qualifies you to enroll in LPC (Solicitor) or BPTC (Barrister).


Cost is only 30% via studying online and you will get the same degree what students receive while studying in a University. Examinations are held in UK and in British Councils all over the world.






How we Teach online


You will be assigned a Tutor for each subject of your programme. The tutor will teach you in real time. You will be provided with notes containing key points and link to scenario multiple choice questions practice. You will study in a virtual class room. Notes are provided which are especially designed for online learning purpose.


LLB (QLD) Course Content ; You will be studying towards the 7 foundational subjects which makes a QLD (LLB) ; English Legal System, Contract Law, Law of Tort, Criminal Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Equity and Trusts, EU Law, Land Law (Property Law), Law of Torts​.


LLB (QLD) Career Path ; Successful completion of the programme allows you to enroll in LPC (Solicitor) or BPTC (Barrister). You can also become paralegal, legal advisor, legal executive and probate officer.



BCPS Law School

BCPS Language School



BCPS Language School is a learning resource for language study. Our main focus is teaching a language to our students for their future study, jobs and migration. We offer language learning programmes in ;













English Language Key Features


Personal Language Tutor - One to One online training.


Live Speaking Classes Online


Study from anywhere


Visits to London Places (English Language)


Intense Training for Academic Writings



Our English Language Programme is designed to suit your needs. You can learn English in 50% of the normal cost all online. You can also study it part online and part face to face in London with practical visits to the places which requires you to interact with people in English.


Our English Programmes Includes ;


English For Academic Purpose


Cambridge English Language Test (ESOL)

For UK Visa Purpose




General English


Speaking English Course 


English For Migration





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