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UK Graduate Training Course

Study & Work Programme

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UK Work Permit in Training Course

A Study Training Course to Work in London

Study Degree Course with 12 Months UK Graduate Training Visa 

Complete your education online (minimum 3 months) before joining work in UK. Extend Your Work Visa Further Within UK. In collaboration with London based Company, UK Govt Approved Graduate Training Work Visa.

With £24220 Starting Salary in UK.

A Part of UK Work and Study Programme of BCPS University.

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We take pride in helping a student to get train to study and join work in UK, you be next..

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Admissions Office (general inquiries)

0044 (0) 208 -1238864 (UK)

001 (646) 480 - 0588 (US)


Why Enroll in Our Programs?

Free Education.

BCPS University is pioneer in Online Study Worldwide and we have simplified the way the education can be achieved for professional careers in our Study & Work Programme. Our simplified Online Study mechanism is focused on Less Material and more Practical Knowledge to complete the professional degrees & Qualifications to enhance scope in employment. Every student is supervised by an expert tutor in the fraction of cost of other providers. To expand your chances of career growth we offer Courses with Practical Training in London with a work visa. This learning is awarded with Certificate, Diploma and Degree as appropriate to the student.

About Us

Study & Work Programme

The course is designed to give you opportunity to save time and costs with focus study to give you knowledge that your require to develop skills required by the Employer with work permit in  International cities like London.  We offer study & work courses with collaboration of UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe based Employers that includes everything a student need to gain knowledge and skills to join work from the first day with the employer in UK etc.

Professional Career Teachers & Mentors

All students are provided with a Work Career Tutor (even not taking a degree route). Giving the student all the educational and career support to pass through the career building stage successfully.

Career Scope and Salary Scales

UK Graduate Training Visa


The Course will give you immesne knowledge and practical experience to work in a International City Like London. This is a lifetime opportunity to develop a career in city like London.


Average Salary of a full time starting employee is £36, 611. With some experience its £58, 356 and senior employees are all over £100,000 in LondonYou will be paid minimum £24, 220 Salary once you join the UK Employer.


This UK work and study training course is available in IT, Law, Business and other modules. There is a bright scope of training at a International city like London with fantastic pay scale and standard of life.

Career and Scope
Study and Work Course
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BCPS UK Work and Study Course

Certificate, Diploma or Degree education online with 12 months UK Work Visa

Minimum 3 months Certificate Education online + 3 months online training with UK Company and 12 months UK work visa.

A period of 6 months for Diploma and 12 months for Degree is required. All study completed online before joining work in UK.

BCPS UK Study & Work Course (Graduate Training Course) is UK Govt Approved and is designed to provide you with opportunity to learn online and than from the day first work in the UK, with the education and training provided by BCPS University. You will also be given 3 months training as well by the UK Employer online before joining your employer in UK. This Work and Study course is available in Certificate (3 months), Diploma (6 months) and Degree (12 months). Complete your all education online before joining work in UK. In partnership with London Based Company (Knowledge Math) with £24, 220 salary. This work permit route is opened by UK Govt to fulfill the Brexit Shortage of skilled workers after leaving the European Union.

Learn More Below

Who is this Course for?

You are coming to London to Work with Prior Education and Training Online...

UK Work & Study Course  is for you   ;

If you are looking to come to UK for work and training. And it is for those looking to complete study and get train online before joining work in UK. 

This is an ideal situation for someone looking to gain UK degree/qualification, save time, costs while studying online and start to earn from the first day in UK with secure job.

A Joint Collaboration of BCPS Univeristy and Knowledge Math UK

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Knowledge Math UK

Admission Requiremnets

3 months education and 3 months practical training is required.....

Admission Criteria


  • Minimum 12 Years Education is required. This can be your Higher Secondary School. Students with graduation and master degrees have more prospects.

  • You should be 18 years old or more.

  • Completion of English Language Training is required with BCPS English Language for Employment Purpose Course, if you are outside UK. This course is of 1 month. 

  • Proof of sufficient Funds or Sponsor Letter to complete the cost of the course is also required at the time of the admission process.

  • Completion of at-least 3 months educational and 3 months work training with the UK Employer (this is requirement of the Graduate Training Visa)

Complete Your Education & Training Online and Start Work From Day First in UK.

Educational Course Stage

You will take necessary Education...

The Educational Stage

Graduate Training Visa (UK Work Permit) has requirement of preliminary education and training prior to joining the Employer in UK. BCPS University offers following courses ;

  • Information Technology

  • Web Development

  • Business

  • Law

       The Courses are available in ;

       Certificate Level (3 months)

       Diploma Level  (6 months)

       Degree Level (12 months)

 Training Stage

You will join the employer and take the training...

The Training Stage (3 months)

Graduate Training Visa (UK Work Permit) has requirement of  3 months training requirement prior to joining the Employer in UK. 

At this stage you will directly join the UK Employer i.e Knowledge Math UK, and have necessary training as required.

The Graduate Training Course is joint collaboration of BCPS University and Knowledge Math UK. You can also see the employer website here ;

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Knowledge Math UK

12 Months
UK Work Permit

You will work 12 months in UK (extendable)...

UK Work Permit (Graduate Trainee Programme)

After Completion of your 3 months training with the UK Employer you will join your employer for 12 months on UK Work Permit. You will be issued Work Permit Documents from Knowledge Math UK. You will be paid a salary of £24220 and your work permit is extendable.

Knowledge Math UK will arrange your all work permit documents and provide visa related guidance with documentation.

English Language Course

For UK Employment

You will attend 1 month English Language Course...

English Language Course

There is compulsory 1 month English Language Course as required by the UK Employer. This is to teach you the essential language skills required to work in the UK.

You can attend this English Language Course during your educational stage as well.

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Graduate Training
UK Work Permit

Your Gateway to Gradaute Work in UK

Full Support

BCPS Career Full Support for Training

Less Costs

Minimum Tuition Fee Applied

Starting Salary £24220

Start Working From First Day in UK

Minimum Training

Only 3 Months Training Required

Work in London

Work in a Vibrant City Like London

Extendable Visa

Expendable Work Permit

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Rafael J, LLB

“BCPS University online study have helped me to stand again on my feet after I have lost my everything in Stock Business. I studied from home with BCPS and worked as well and completed my LLB Degree ”

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Lisa Treadwell, Hospitality

“It been a great time saving and cost saving experience with BCPS Univeristy while completing my Hotel Management Degree, Thanx ”

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JC Brant, Nursing

“I almost have dropped the idea of doing Nursing until I found BCPS Univeristy online Nursing Course. It was a career saving experience ”

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“You Get Only That For which you Strives For.”

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Solicitors Qualifying Examination  (SQE)

A Degree Programme of BCPS University

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