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    BCPS is a world class educational institution providing UK recognised degrees online with its virtual class rooms technology. Student from 80 Countries including UK study with BCPS. If you are looking to Teach Online on BCPS offered Courses or would like to take role for admin, please apply through the available form online here.


Academic Lecturers Desirability ; If you are applying for Academic Lecturer-ship, we expect you must have at least Masters or good experience in the subject. Academic Lecturers are required to deliver lectures online, carry out research and organise their programme of study.


BCPS is an equal opportunity employer and invite applications from all the sector of the community. BCPS responsible to ensure that if Applicants are within the UK, than they must have legal right to Live and Work (This does not apply to Academic Lecturers outside UK).


BCPS strictly observe Data Protection regulations of UK 

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