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Studying online is effective, comfortable, easy and affordable. You can study online through the comfort of your home and office on your PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone with BCPS Virtual Class Rooms, which are easy to operate and manage. You just need a computing device and internet.





                            Set Your Lecture Schedule



Once you have enrolled, you will be asked to provide your available times and days for the live online lectures. You will have full choice to select the time and days. Once selected, your lectures will be scheduled and notification will be issued. Your tutor will deliver you the lecture live online on the selected time, you always have the opportunity to change the timings.






' Click ' and enter the BCPS Virtual Class rooms


At the time of the lecture you can log into the BCPS Virtual Class room. The Virtual class rooms are easy to use. You can also study from Skype, if prefer. 











Lecture Notes & Practices


In Your Student Account in the Notes and Practice section you can see full Modules, and in each module you will see Notes and each topic practice in one web page, which will give you ease of studying. Your lecture notes will be provided in PDF (Printable Document Format). Lecture notes are drafted with friendly reading format with external websites links. At the end of each lecture notes you will find Key Points, which will help you to revise the whole lecture within minutes before your exam day.


Download Sample Lecture Notes



At the end of the Lecture Notes and on Modue page, you will also find web link for the Multiple Choice Question web page, this exercise will help you to understand the lecture better. Your tutor will automatically receive the answers once you attempt the MCQs, and if any wrongly attempted, your tutor will discuss with you in next lecture. This will also give us an idea as to what standards you are understanding your lectures, and how you can improve and  on what areas of your study.


Click to see MCQ page







Studying Online is Effective


Studying online is more effective than studying face to face. We have carried out a research on 1000 students, in which 90% performed well and understood better who attended online lectures. The reasons are very obvious ;


You concentrate on the Lecture notes in the Lecture on your device screen and listen to the Tutor Voice, this helps your brain to focus, and the brain absorbs more knowledge. Whereas in face to face you see the tutor face, this divides your brain attention. Other students in the class room, in face to face study, also divides your attention.


You do not have to travel or make arrangements in online study, which saves your mind and body energy, hence better performance and concentration in lecture.


Studying online save your costs, therefore, a happy feeling towards learning, without future money worries.





Standard Virtual Class Room

Sample Lecture Notes

(click to see in pdf)

Sample Multiple Choice Questions Web Pages 

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Lecture Notes
Virtual Class Room
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