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Solicitors Qualifying Exams
Solicitors Qualifying Exam is an under development assessment method, expected to be introduced by the Solicitors Regulation Authority by 2020. This can be helpful for students looking to qualify through shorter route. This assessment method will also help the non law degree holders to qualify as Solicitors by taking SQE. BCPS fully support SRA in this process, as we believe the assessment method must be simplified, so that talented and existing law practitioners can become solicitors without going through the longer route which is over 7 years. The SQE will also be totally suitable with BCPS Online study mechanism and will help students to save thousands.
Entry Requirement
As per the SRA latest publication on SQE, you would require to have a Law Degree or non Law Degree to sit in Exam. It is expected that it would be a Bachelor's Degree. 
The Exam (SQE)
The exam of SQE will consist of two parts or stages. 
Stage 1 : Legal Knowledge
In this stage you will be required to demonstrate a good knowledge of law and its application in scenarios. It is expected that it will be paper Pencil test or MCQs. It is expected that full 7 modules of Qualifying Law Degree will be combined as course content. We expect that it would require students to take proper SQE course with Tutors to successfully pass it, this can be successfully taught by BCPS tutors online. BCPS is fully aware and preparing to take students on it and welcome all students to discuss with our student counsellors.
Stage 2 : Practical Skills
In this stage you will be examined on the practice side of law, this would include Advocacy, Writing Skills, Client Interviews, Legal Research etc. BCPS is already conducting QLTS course and have trained many students on this area. Please contact us via using contact us form and we would be happy to answer your questions.
Legal Work Experience Requirement
As per the SRA latest publication on SQE, you would need to have 2 years of Law related work experience as well, this could be a very good sign for law practitioners such as Mckenzie Friends, Paralegals etc.
Career Path
Successful completion of SQE would allow you to enroll as Solicitor. Teaching Law is also one of the great career associated with this degree. 
Becoming Solicitor is one of the core career path of this course.
Course Fees and Dates 
Intake Dates ;                                                              Awarding Body ;
N/A                                                                               Solicitors Regulation Authority 
Fees ;                                                                           Teaching Campus Online ;
Contact us                                                                     London
How to Study online ?
You will study in real time with live lectures from your assigned Lecturer. You will be provided with notes before each lecture, which have inbuilt links to practice the sceanrio questions as well. See Sample Notes here - See Sample Scenario Question here. Your exams will be held in local centers near you. 
See more on how to study online.



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How to Study Online

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