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What God Wants From You?

'God Only Wants You to Talk to Him Alone in Your Room and He will Talk to Your in Dreams. He has sent you in this World to Test you from Your Most Beloved thing, whether in Test you choose God or your Beloved thing'

You will be shown in a dream what is your test and you can also ask God to re-confirm it. If you act on it, you will be shown dream called Injeel/Gospel/Good News, which means you passed the test and is a great success of this life, for which you were here. If you failed the test your life will be difficult and hereafter as well. 

Your Purpose of Life is ;  You talk to God Direct. You Seek Help from God not from his creations. No Religion and No Rituals. You will be tested for your belief, that is Why You Here. And Will Be Leaving Soon.

You are not a Believer Until You Pass His test

The Shape of Test is, at One Side will be God and One Side Your beloved thing and you have to choose in between. Most people are shown in dream their test and also by inspiration when a test comes. Its mentioned in the Book that you will be assured about the test.

Purification & Belief

(As per Book of God/Kitab/Original Bible)

Believe in One God and Purify from all Re-ligions & Rituals

Talk To God Alone In Your Room And

God Will Talk to You In Dreams

God Will Test Your Belief. God Will Test You from Your Most Beloved Thing That Whether You Choose God or Your Beloved thing in Test

When You Pass Your Test You will be shown and Conveyed the Massage of Good News called Injeel/Gospel/Good News. People see Dreams of Good things like in a Garden etc.

See below the real life scenarios and people tests and good news.

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