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OISC Course/Immigration Lawyer
OISC Immigration Lawyer Course is a special skilled course offered and conducted by Office of Immigration and Services Commissioner. The Course is aimed at testing the knowledge and practical skills in UK Immigration Law, which will recognised you as name/brand of trust by Immigration Clients. At BCPS, OISC course is taught with help of our carefully drafted notes on full syllabus, with practice of scenario cases questions online. BCPS OISC Immigration Course is fully taught online with live lectures.
Entry Requirements 
There are no specific entry requirements for taking OISC exam. You can take the exam if you have good command over English and have completed your basic education. BCPS prepare its students in order of comptetence in UK Immigration Law and as well in legal English understanding.
Course Content
The OISC course is spread over three exams. These are Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Each level has knowledge and competency requirements, higher the level higher the skills required. For each level syllabus details, please visit the level pages.
Career Path
Successful completion of OISC levels allow you to legally practice UK Immigration law. If you have passed the Level 1 you can advise and make general applications. Level 2 completion allows the students to do most of the Immigration work including Asylum applications. Level 3 completion allows you to do all the UK Immigration work including Court Representations in UK Immigration Law.
Course Fees and Dates
Intake Dates ;                                                              Awarding Body ;
Each Monthly                                                                OISC
Fees ;                                                                           Teaching Campus Online ;
See Each Level                                                             Cambridge, United Kingdom
Or All Level Combined
25% Concession
How to Study online ?
You will study in real time with live lectures from your assigned Lecturer. You will be provided with notes before each lecture, which have inbuilt links to practice the sceanrio questions as well. See Sample Notes here - See Sample Scenario Question here. Your exams will be held in local centers near you. 
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