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English Language Programme

Certificate & Diploma

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Learn English - VELE


Learn English Language From the Center of London - In Experience

Certificate and Diploma 

A Language Programme of BCPS University

Scholraships and Free Education

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We take pride in helping a student to learn English in a practical way, you be next..

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Why Enroll in Our Programs?

Free Education.

BCPS University is pioneer in Online Study Worldwide and we have simplified the way the education can be achieved for professional careers. Our simplified Online Study mechanism is focused on Less Material and more Practical Knowledge to complete the professional degrees & Qualifications to enhance scope in employment. Every student is supervised by an expert tutor in the fraction of cost of other providers. To expand your chances of career growth we offer English Language Course with Practical Experience as you will be learning English by visiting London and participate in daily life usage of language. This learning is awarded with Certificate & Diploma and have excellent career in English Language Teaching.

Simple Course Design

The course is designed to give you opportunity to save time and costs with focus study to give you knowledge that your require to develop skills as Solicitor. Like other providers we not divide education into basic or advanced courses. We offer one course that includes everything a student need to gain knowledge and skills, and in the the lowest price as compared to other providers in the world.

Professional Teachers & Mentors

All students are provided with a Tutor (even not taking a degree route), as self reading is not a course. BCPS University VELE course remain in the lowest cost as compare to other providers.

Career Scope and Salary Scales


The course is designed to give you opportunity to save time and costs with focus study to give you knowledge that your require to develop skills as Solicitor. 

The course is designed to give you opportunity to save time and costs with focus study to give you knowledge that your require to develop skills as Solicitor. 

The course is designed to give you opportunity to save time and costs with focus study to give you knowledge that your require to develop skills as Solicitor. 

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BCPS English Language Course

Learn English By Real Experience in London - With Prior Training

General English - SELT IELTS (English Tests For Visa) - Corporate English

Visit England Learn English Course is designed for those who are looking to learn English for daily use and learn via experience. As by speaking in a English speaking environment you will learn from best experience. You will be provided with full writing, reading training as well and than will be taken into the city of London where you can learn and also speak to get the first had experience. This will help you in your aim for any English Test and enhancing your professional career. See Details below.

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Who is the VELE for?

You are coming to London to Learn English...

SQE is for you if  ;

(After September 2021, you will have to sit and pass the SQE in order to qualify, regardless of your chosen route to qualification as a solicitor. You would need a degree as entry requirement. We offer individual SQE Course and also SQE in a Law Degree such as LLB Legal Practice and LLM Legal Practice.)

  • You Looking to Qualify as Solicitor (SQE 1 and SQE 2).

  • You want to have a law degree with Solicitors Qualification (LLB Legal Practice). Or You want to have a degree to sit for SQE exam (in that case LLB Legal Practice is appropriate for you, as you will study the law degree with solicitors qualification)

  • You want to have a Masters of Law Degree with Solicitors Qualification (LLM Legal Practice).

  • An Apprentice, completing your apprenticeship with a law firm.

  • A Paralegal with a non-law degree who has done Qualifying Work Experience in Law Firm or in a In-House Legal Department.

  • You have a law degree and gained some of your Qualifying Work Experience.

  • Or if you're CILEx qualified, or a barrister, you can take the SQE to become a solicitor.

  • If you are a Lawyer in another Country with Qualifying Work Experience, you are eligible for exemptions, BCPS experienced solicitors can help you in successful application. If you are fully qualified lawyer in a Jurisdiction you just need to pass SQE1 and SQE2.

What are the requirements for foreign lawyers to re-qualify in England and Wales?

To re-qualify as solicitors in England and Wales, foreign lawyers need to:

  • hold a legal professional qualification

  • hold a degree in any subject or an equivalent qualification (such as an apprenticeship) or work experience

  • complete two stages of assessment, SQE1 and SQE2, unless exempt

  • satisfy the SRA’s character and suitability requirements

Fully qualified foreign lawyers are exempt for any qualifying work experience (QWE) requirements.

SQE requirements for Overseas Students ;

If you’re an overseas student, in order to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales, you’ll need to:

  • hold a degree in any subject or an equivalent qualification (such as an apprenticeship) or work experience

  • complete two stages of assessment, SQE1 and SQE2

  • complete two years of qualifying work experience (QWE)

  • satisfy the Solicitor Regulation Authority's (SRA) character and suitability requirements

Degree-level Experience

If you have a degree or equivalent qualification from outside the UK, you can take the SQE if your qualification is:

  • shown to be equivalent to either a UK degree or equivalent UK qualification through a UK National Information Centre (ENIC) statement of comparability, or

  • an accredited qualification at level 6 (or above) of the European Qualifications Framework

Your English Course

Law Degree with Solicitors Qualification


LLB Legal Practice (Degree)

  • LLB Legal Practice (Legum Lisenciative Bechalors) is designed to provide you opportunity to get Solicitors Qualification with LLB degree. It is ideal for students who do not have a law degree. This course will not only qualify you as solicitor but you also get you a law degree.


  • The SQE syllabus with core common law modules are taught in this course. The course is fully online with option of part campus. The costs are 50% you pay for a normal degree.



LLM Legal Practice (Degree)

LLM Legal Practice (Magister of Legum Licentative) is for students who already have a degree and looking to gain a Masters Degree in Law. The course is designed on Legal Practice on SQE syllabus with submission of research thesis on legal practice area to qualify for the Masters degree.


LLM Legal Practice is an innovation in the field, this course will award you a Masters of Legal Practice with UK Solicitors Qualification through SQE. The degree is designed in both taught & research to give you in-depth understanding of legal practice. 

It is a 9 months duration course with 50% of the standard cost of a LLM degree. You will spend less time and cost to gain both Masters Degree and Solicitors Qualification.

What is SQE in a Law Degree ?

Speaking - Writing - Reading - Lstening - Talking with Actual scenrio in - Visits to Differnet Places in London - Course Structure 2 - 3 - 6 Months - Student Visistor Visa - Trained Teachers- ----------gree. SQE rules requires you to have a degree in order to sit for the SQE exams. 


  • You study SQE syllabus in a degree programme, giving you more indepth knowledge and more time to train your self. And you get at the end of one  year both a Law Degree with Solicitors Qualification. 

  • If you do not have a degree and looking to qualify as Solicitor through SQE, you would need to enroll in our LLB Legal Practice Degree course, to gain a degree and sit for SQE exam (degree is mandatory as entry requirement to sit in SQE exams).

  • In LLB Legal Practice you study the SQE syllabus with a law degree level education and training in duration of 1 year. At the end of the programme you get both LLB Degree and Solicitors Qualification.

  • In LLM Legal Practice you study the SQE Syllabus with detail legal writing and research skill to qualify for the Masters Degree. The duration is 9 months. There are entry requirements for LLM Legal Practice, please contact the admission office.

SQE in Law Degree is for ;

  • You do not have a degree and want to gain a degree to sit for the Solicitors Exam.

  • If you looking to enhance your career prospects by adding a Bachelors or Masters Degree in Qualification with a Solicitors Practicing Licence.

  • You already have a Law Degree and want to gain a Masters Degree with Solicitors Qualification.

  • You have a non law degree and want to gain a law degree with Solicitors Qualification.

  • You are an overseas student or lawyer and want to qualify as Solicitors with a English Law taught LLB degree or LLM research degree.

  • You are an overseas student looking to qualify as English Solicitor and do not have a law degree.

Enhanced your Legal Skills and Career Prospects with Masters Research Degree with Solicitors Qualification.

SQE  1

You are taking 1st Part of the Exam...

How We Teach SQE 1

Consultation ; Initial Free Consultation Provided before Enrolling. One to One full Course Induction with Your Tutor. Understand the Style, Format and Procedure of the SQE 2 Assessment. This is also for student studying SQE in LLB or LLM Degree.
Real Time Lectures ; Live Lectures on Full SQE 2  Syllabus (Substantive and Procedural Law). One to One Tutor Supervision. Practice Documents provided to demonstrate you with the actual legal documents.

Practice Training ; Practice Questions designed to provide you the desired Legal Skills required by the SQE2 assessment. 100+ Practice Assessment Questions. On each topic of the Syllabus you will be able to practice the 6 skills required by SQE2 syllabus.

Live Lectures ; Live Lecture on Full SQE 1 Syllabus. With Systematic Notes Web Pages. One To One Tutor Supervision in Full Course. You will select your own available time for the Lectures.
Notes ; Lecture Notes with Key Points with Specific SQE 1 Topic Practice. SQE 1 all 18 Units Protocols to attempt the Questions.
Practice Questions ; SQE 1 Questions Practice online on more than 3,000 Questions, which covers each topic of the Syllabus. Live Feedback on attempts of the SQE 1 Practice.
Mock Exam ; Unlimited Mock Exam till the Exam Day.
Professional Learning ; Work Based Learning through Teaching Solicitors.

Functioning Legal Knowledge

FLK includes the subject areas listed below. It is assessed by single best answer multiple choice questions over a two-day period. Ethics and Professional Conduct will be examined across FLK1 and FLK2.


  • Business Law and Practice

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Contract

  • Tort

  • Legal System of England and Wales

  • Constitutional and Administrative Law and EU Law and Legal Service.


  • Property Practice

  • Wills and the Administration of Estates

  • Solicitors Accounts

  • Land Law

  • Trusts

  • Criminal Law and Practice

In order to pass SQE1, you must achieve the overall pass mark for both FLK1 and FLK2. You will not pass SQE1 if you fail either FLK1 or FLK2.

All aspects of the SQE1 assessment are compulsory.

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Course Package and Fee 

We are unbeatable in Price and Features 

£ 850

The Above Price is not For SQE taken in LLB or LLM Degree

18 Notes Books

Covering Each Topic of the Syllabus FLK1 & FLK2

118 Mock Tests

Including Both FLK1 & FLK2

3000+ Questions

All Inclusive - No Basic or Advance Trciks

Video Lectures

All Inclusive - No Basic or Advance Trciks

Tutor Support

One to One Tutor Support throught Course

Revision Notes

Key Point Revision Notes on Each Topic

Exclusive Features

Compare the Market

(For LLM and LLB degree price and features see respective course pages)

BCPS University


BCPS University


Other Providers

Course Fee

Tutor Support

Notes and Books

Practice Questions

Mock Exam

Feedback and One to One Tutor Supervsions

£850                                            £1250                                       SQE1 2k-3k

SQE2   3k-4k

Full Tutor Support

Full Tutor Support

Few Hours Support

on Extra Payment

18 Notes Heads Covering

Each Topic of Syllabus

6 Legal Skills Notes Heads

3000+ Practice Questions

118 Mock Exams

18 Oral Exam Practice Sessions

30 Practice Session on Each 4 Heads

Unlimited Mock Exam

8 Mock Stations

Full Time Tutor

Full Time Tutor

Modules Text Books

1-2k Practice Questions

2-10 Mock Exams

Not Available

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Rafael J, LLB

“BCPS University online study have helped me to stand again on my feet after I have lost my everything in Stock Business. I studied from home with BCPS and worked as well and completed my LLB Degree ”

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Lisa Treadwell, Hospitality

“It been a great time saving and cost saving experience with BCPS Univeristy while completing my Hotel Management Degree, Thanx ”

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JC Brant, Nursing

“I almost have dropped the idea of doing Nursing until I found BCPS Univeristy online Nursing Course. It was a career saving experience ”

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“You Get Only That For which you Strives For.”

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Solicitors Qualifying Examination  (SQE)

A Degree Programme of BCPS University

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