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OISC Level 3
OISC Level 3 examinations qualify you to become the accredited UK Immigration Advocate. The work permitted at Level 3 is Advocacy/Representation at Court/Tribunal which demands good English Speaking Skills with knowledge of Law and Immigration Law, including legal drafting skills. BCPS OISC Level 3 course is specially designed to train you for Court Representation/Advocacy Skills, in our online Virtual Class rooms, where our trained teachers will supervise you. And our online Practice pages will train you on drafting, wherein you will draft legal documents on a case scenario. 
Entry Requirements 
There are no specific entry requirements for taking OISC exam. You can take the exam if you have good command over English Language and have completed your basic education. BCPS prepare its students for competence in UK Immigration Law and as well in legal English understanding.
Course Content
BCPS OISC Level 3 course is designed to fully train the students. You will be provided with advocacy training and legal drafting training with individual supervision of tutor.
The Course Content includes ;

Detailed knowledge of immigration and nationality law, including:


  •  Detailed knowledge of immigration, asylum and nationality law, including:

  • grounds for complex applications in the areas of work in which advice/services are provided

  • The Home Office and the Immigration Tribunal practice in the consideration of appeals and complex cases

  • The Home Office concessionary/discretionary policies in complex cases

  • grounds of appeal to the Immigration Tribunal, including human rights and race relations grounds.



Advocacy skills Syllabus includes :


  • How to draft full grounds of appeal to the Immigration Tribunal.

  • How to draft witness statements.

  • How to draft skeleton arguments and other relevant documents for Immigration Tribunal cases.

  • statements and other relevant documentation for higher court work.

  • Knowledge of relevant rights of appeal, time limits and procedures at the TSIA up to, and including, full hearings before the TSIA, and sufficient awareness of rights and procedures in relation to judicial/statutory review to make appropriate referrals to a solicitor.

  • Knowledge of relevant case law and precedents

  • Knowledge of the European Convention on Human Rights, the Human Rights Act 1998, the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 and other relevant international law 


 Interviewing and Advising :


The ability to explain clearly to a client in plain language the progress of their case, including any appeal, the outcome of a hearing, the implications for the client and the options open to them. Also to be able to advise on the merits of further appeals and take clear instructions from the client as to how they wish to proceed.


Drafting :

The ability to draft in clear, written English, making use of case law and human rights legislation, where appropriate: complex applications complex letters, statements and representations

Career Path

Successful completion of OISC level 3 allows you to practice UK Immigration law in the following categories ;


  • conduct of specialist casework

  • preparation of cases at the TSIA, including drafting full grounds of appeal

  • representing clients before the TSIA

  • instructing a barrister or advocate to appear at the Immigration and Asylum Chamber (where permitted by the Bar Council).

Course Fees and Dates
Intake Dates ;                                                              Awarding Body ;
Monthly                                                                          OISC
Fees ;                                                                           Teaching Campus Online ;
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How to Study online ?
You will study in real time with live lectures from your assigned Lecturer. You will be provided with notes before each lecture, which have inbuilt links to practice the sceanrio questions as well. See Sample Notes here - See Sample Scenario Question here. Your exams will be held in local centers near you. 
See more on how to study online.



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