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A College of Professional Studies
Live Online Lectures - World's First
BCPS is not only the first College in the World where students study in Live Lectures online on their fully recognised degrees in real time, but is also a dream to develop Artificial Intelligent Online College for students, which personally helps in their own time. BCPS is a creation of senior Lecturers and Professors to provide the opportunity to students to attain professional recognised UK degrees in most affordable cost. This project is developed by World Class software developer Knowledge Math. The unique feature of this study is the online state of the art teaching system through which student can study from their home, office or any where in the world in Virtual Class Rooms in real time. This is just like another college in your city, but online, where Students are studying effectively through live lectures online with comfort of their home or office.
BCPS is a fully equipped online college and is a high seat of learning, through a medium of technology, where students in the lowest possible cost can attain their recognised degrees. BCPS is a not for profit organisation therefore, the students complete their degree within 30% of the normal cost. The online teaching is through organised mechanism of teaching, where student is provided with his/her choice of lecture timings and the same are delivered by senior lecturers and professors, see how to study online. The students are provided with BCPS notes, and understanding is developed by online Multiple Choice Scenario Questions and Practical Training.
BCPS have Campuses in London (Law School), Geneva (International Law), Paris (Fashion and Luxury Design School) , Montreaux - Switzerland (Hotel Management), New York (Business School) with Expert highly qualified Teachers from these cities and state of the art latest online technology education system. You can study part online and part on-campus vice versa, or full online or full on-campus.
The degree/certificate is awarded by a UK/USA University or UK awarding body such as Edexcel, NCUK, London University which is equally acceptable as a normal University degree. The examinations are held in UK/USA and centers all over the world available in 150 countries. 
We believe, in making this institution (BCPS), we have achieved a better platform for students/mature students, who want to get a UK/USA University Degree, but cost and distance is a problem for them. We have attempted to exclude this problem through technology.
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