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BCPS is a University registered in US and UK (Pioneer in Online Education)

80% Students Study in Scholarships With Us and 20% Free

Work Placements Oriented Study Programmes 

Purification with Professional Studies



The Book

London  New York  Paris  Geneva  Oslo  Toronto  Hong Kong

Bring a Book Before this Book or Trace of Knowledge 46:4

Career Focus New Cources

Our Work & Study Programmes

Nursing Course & Health Care Staff with UK Placement 

USA & UK Nursing Courses. Fully Accredited and 100% online or Part online. BCPS University all health courses have guaranteed work placements.

A Part of BCPS University Work and Study Programmes

UK Work Permit in Training Course. A Study Training Course to Work in London

Study Degree Course with 12 Months UK Graduate Training Visa 

Complete your education online (minimum 3 months) before joining work in UK.


Extend Your Work Visa Further Within UK. In collaboration with London based Company, UK Govt Approved Graduate Training Work Visa. With £24220 Starting Salary in UK.

LLB Legal Practice (Legum Lisenciative Bechalors) is designed to provide you opportunity to get Solicitors Qualification with LLB degree. It is ideal for students who do not have a law degree.


This course will not only qualify you as solicitor but you also get you a law degree. Course duration is 1 year. Successful completion of this course prove a guaranteed 6 months Apprenticeship with New York or London Law Firm.

Chat with our Career advisors team

We take pride in helping a student to get train to study and join work in UK, you be next..

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Admissions Office (general inquiries)

0044 (0) 208 -1238864 (UK)

001 (646) 480 - 0588 (US)


Recording Science Class

Quality Education

Online and On Campus

Starting its Journey in 2008 BCPS had been the first University in United Kingdom and EU to Offer full Degree Programs and Qualifications with Live Tutorial Sessions throughout the Year with the Purification Studies. Over 25,000 Students studying with BCPS Worldwide now have access to full online and campus study in London, New York, Toronto, Oslo, Geneva, Paris, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Start Your Journey to Learn Purification with Professional Qualification

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Professional Degrees with Purification Studies

BCPS University London Campus is Located in heart of Central London where students from around the world are being educated both online and on campus.  BCPS London Campus is fully equipped with latest online teaching capacity in United Kingdom, offering online recognised Degree Programmes and courses. Studying online has been proved to be more effective and result oriented. More than 100,000 students have obtained their qualifications through BCPS since 2008.

BCPS London Campus is fully operational even in current situation of Covid-19 around the world and all of our students are studying without any break in their professional studies due to the fact that BCPS has latest improved technology system adopted in past 12 years experience as being an online educational institution. This have helped our students to study without any break or study gaps.

From BCPS London Campus you can study Degrees and Qualifications in their full terms online in subjects of Law, IT,  Health Care, Business Studies, Research, Hospitality, Fashion and Vocational Training. Our Latest focus area of Research is Covid-19 and applications being invited for research places and funding. For Covid-19, special training courses have been introduced for its Precautions and Recovery. Our Nursing Courses are of world class level and being studied around the world.

Online Class

BCPS University

With BCPS you can study online or on campus or both. Our Campuses in London, New York, Paris, Oslo, Dubai, Hong Kong, Toronto and Sydney are equipped with online teaching latest technology facility wherein you can choose the course famous from the jurisdiction and world class trained teachers will train and deliver lectures in Live Virtual Class.

At BCPS we know many of our students take the employment with study and we fully support them in their efforts and struggles. Therefore, flexible schedule and 2 time classes are offered for same subjects which provide you ease to choose as appropriate to you.

Online Tutorial

 Application Decision in 48 Hrs

24 Hour Live Support and Application Decision in 48 hours Faster than Any Educational Institution in UK.

BCPS Law School

London & New York Campuses

BCPS Law School is UK first fully equipped online law school with campus since 2008. The Law Degrees and Qualifications are carried out in Taught and Research both. BCPS is also top ranked in SQE study for most searched courses online.

The Royal Courts of Justice, London. Als

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Degrees and Qualifications

Degrees & Qualifications

Certificate    -    Diploma    -      Degree     -     Masters     -      PhD

Over 1800+ Courses from 8 Countries


Research Training Course

  PhD or PhD By Publication    Research Supervisions   Research Papers

BCPS Research School is supervised and headed by experienced PhDs from UK (Oxford) and US (Harvard)

SQE   OISC   LLB   LLM Legal Practice (SQ 1 & 2)   PhD  LPC


BCPS Law School all Courses are recognised and conducted by examining awarding bodies of UK & USA

Health Care

Covid-19 Safety & Recovery


Dental Courses

General Health Care 189 Courses  


Get Recognised Health Care Qualifications Online and on Campus from UK and USA


The Concept of God

The  Book

Al-Kitab - The Book - Biblios - The Bible

Get Yourself in-depth knowledge and concept on the The Book of God and its Translations. There is No Fee of this Course and Fully Funded



 Business and Management Administration   Marketing  Numeracy and Statics

with Law or IT etc

At BCPS you can combine Business Studies with any other Course such as Law or IT, our New York Entrepreneur School is of World Class Standard.

IT & Computing

Online Business Entrepreneurism

Web Development (Coding, Web Editors Wix Wordpress etc. Apps) Intro to Computing and IT  Cyber Security  IT Technologies Data and Cloud  Graphics  Bespoke Courses

Get Expert training on IT and Computing with Bespoke course option (learn what you want)


General Education
Development Program

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Fashion & Luxury Design Communication Design Film Art Fine Arts Interior Design

Get Fashion Degree from Paris and Learn from the experts in the field. Our Fashion Degree is World Class highly recognised in fashion houses.


Film  Music  Documentary

 Visuals  Performing Arts


Learn the World Class recognised courses in Film and Documentaries with BCPS with projects placements.

CPD & Training Courses

CPD Skills Courses  Training Courses 

General Education
Development Programs

Skills Jobs Training and Professional Development Courses from leading trainers and Industry Professionals.

      English 9 Months Diploma          Short English Course

Visit England Learn English

English for Visa/Nationality

English as Second Language

Learn English in London with Interaction in Real life English Speaking


Art and Graphic Design

Art Consultant Course

Fine Art Course

Get a Art and Graphic Design Degrees from World renowned Awarding Bodies

Over 1800+ Courses

Remote Learning
Online Discussion

Covid-19  Edu-Disruptions?

Study Online with BCPS

BCPS is a fully equipped online college with virtual class rooms, students accounts having full digital books, scheduled lectures, notes,  practice sections  and 24 hr Tutors Support. You can take exam online or an examination centre in your city (exam centers are set-up by BCPS via British Council)

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Online Workshop
College Library

Online Library

BCPS is committed to provide full online study opportunity. And thereby have developed a fully equipped Online Library providing you the opportunity to research on your subject without having need to leave your student account.

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Female Students

How to Study Online with BCPS

Covid-19 has forced us to study online. As the only possible way now to study safely and without interruption is online for which BCPS has all the experience of 12 years. You can study online, attend lectures, use in your account notes and practices, use library and can take exams online as well. You can study full degree online.

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College Library
Professor & Students

BCPS can even teach You Music Online

BCPS is the world first college established as being online college and developed campuses on second stage. Our teaching system is based on online teaching mechanism which can even best taught you Music online

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Online Violin Class
College Library

Apprenticeships / Job Placements

BCPS regularly organise for its student online and on campus Job Fair (both in campus or online jobs), 95% of our students are recruited before passing the degree.

Computer Class

BeSpoke Education and Courses

Covid-19 has forced us to study online. As the only possible way now to study safely and without interruption is online for which BCPS has all the experience of 12 years. You can study online, attend lectures, use in your account notes and practices, use library and can take exams online as well. You can study full degree online.

College Library
Students Writing on Board

International Students

BCPS is a world educational established with campuses around the world. We cater for International Students with due care and from application to visa processing provide full support to our International Student. Please contact us below or apply.

Confident Businesswoman


Degrees & Qualifications

Health Care 

London & New York Campuses


Research School

BCPS have state of the art online/campus facility for Research leading to PhD by Publication and Regular PhD. You can study remotely 100% of the Degree. The PhD Degree is awarded by UK/USA accredited awarding bodies.

BCPS also carries independent research projects for the advancement and contribution to original knowledge for the betterment of humanity.

The areas of Research are as follows ;

Health Care & Sciences    Law    IT    Religion   Business  Social Sciences

Current Areas of Research and Allocated Funds ;

  • Covid-19 Vaccine Research - $1.2 m (US based Sponsorship)

  • Covid-19 Positive Cases Symptomatic Behavioural Data Collection. Applications invited from every country - Funded.

Female Scientist

London & New York Campuses


School of Health Care

You would be able to learn the indepth elements founding the health sciences with latest researches in the field with liberty of studying online from your home or office. You can study full course online in 80% of our health care education programme.


Hotel Management & Culinary art

Switzerland, London & New York Campuses


School of Hotel Management &

Culinary Art

Learn the Hotel Management and Culinary Art online or in our Campuses in hills of Switzerland (Montrieux). With latest Online Hotel Management and Booking courses of 21st Century such as Airbnb and Traditionally hoteling.

Our Course for Latest Hotel Industry can train you to run your own accommodation as a successful hoteling business with Online Booking Management and Marketing with making your property into a no staff guest accommodations.

Ice cream in a cone

BCPS Students Work & Apprenticeships

Man with Tattoo

Rafael J, LLB

“BCPS online study have helped me to stand again on my feet after I have lost my everything in Stock Business. I studied from home with BCPS and worked as well and completed my LLB Degree ”

woman 7

Lisa Treadwell, Hospitality

“It been a great time saving and cost saving experience with BCPS while completing my Hotel Management Degree, Thanx ”

man 1

JC Brant, Nursing

“I almost have dropped the idea of doing Nursing until I found BCPS online Nursing Course. It was a career saving experience ”

 Registration Is Now Open!

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